A Collection!

My collection of a bunch of useful and interesting contents (or some other things that I might want to read/watch again, later in life). August 13, 2019 How To Say No to Others, Better!The Computer Chronicles - Hypercard (1987)Unix systems programming in Rust — Kamal Marhubi August 15, 2019 NAT - Network Address Translation August 18, … Continue reading A Collection!


“Ops School” Progress!

IntroductionGoals and FocusSyllabus layoutContributionsHow we’ll organize workHow to contributeRewards for contributionsOps School VideosHow to write sectionsOverwriting existing contentCreditsGuidelinesCareers in OperationsDeciding a career pathGeneralized career pathsSpecialized career pathsHow to become an operations engineerSysadmin 101What is Systems Administration?What is Development?Contrasting Development and OperationsHistory of Development and OperationsWhat System Administration Isn’tUnix fundamentals 101File systemsShellsPackage managementThe Boot ProcessUseful shell … Continue reading “Ops School” Progress!

The first hardware “Hack”!

August 10, 2019 [Note: This post has pictures that I am intentionally not compressing. Please bear with me for the slow loading. 🙂 ] A big massive thanks to jasonbraganza for so nicely (and patiently) giving his time, telling me about *lots* of these small astonishing components. 😇 This is for the first time that … Continue reading The first hardware “Hack”!

Automating WordPress Installation Through Ansible !

August 5, 2019 This article will cover the process of automating WordPress installation on multiple Ubuntu (Debian) nodes/servers using ansible. I would like you to first go through my previous post to get a good idea of "How Ansible works" and the problems you may face while setting up a basic ansible structure. And then, … Continue reading Automating WordPress Installation Through Ansible !